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Hi, my name is Robert Goldman, founder of Goldman and Goldman construction. We specialize in helping you get the most for your money, both in quality and craftsmanship. Everyone loves found money, whether you forgot where you put it or find if you start saving money from today forward. By working with us, this could be your reality, as the energy related expenses that you are currently spending can be drastically reduced. Twenty years from now, you could easily see an extra $60,000 or more.

As the owner of Goldman and Goldman Construction we believe that a sterling reputation and consistent service are what our customers appreciate most. Therefore, we avidly pursue customer satisfaction in everything we do. We have built a customer base with honesty and integrity and treat you as we would our own family members.

The following is just one example of how you can save a great deal of money in a relatively short time: A 2100 sq foot bi-level home that was built in 1969 had a heating bill of $490.00 in the month of December. This was easily reduced to $165 in the same month of the very next year using my energy saving conservation improvements. This is a considerable difference which can yield a very nice reward over the years to come! In a few short years these renovations were completely paid for with the money saved. It continued to then "make money!" for the home owners to the tune of almost $4,000.00 per year, take that to the bank!!

These cost reductions were due to changing old single pane windows, and replacing them with Pella double insulated vinyl windows, (we proudly install Pella windows)that are easy to clean fold in windows. We then added a new 80% efficiency heating system the standard in 1995 . However, now 90% and 95% ultra high efficiency are available for heating units that are much more efficient and affordable. In addition, a whole house humidifier can make a lower temperature (68) feel like a higher temperature of (71). This is due to the density in the air that lowers the dry air quality in the home. A humidifier can also reduce susceptibility to common colds by keeping the membrane in one's nose moist, thereby decreasing the amount of germs that can enter. Customers will also be able to keep their thermostat at a lower setting, thus saving money over years to come.

We added a attic vent to the attic area that was not there to ensure that the hot air that is present during hot weather would be vacated automatically whenever the temperature reached 95 degrees thus not creating a source of heat that the homes living space would be battling to keep cool on the lower living areas. In addition we installed R37 insulation to the attic where most heat loss is accounted for as hot air rises and stops the summer heat from transitioning into the living areas thus reducing the cost of cooling in the summer months approximately 25% -35% or around $1,000, When the R factor is low or non existent due to old insulation collapsing thus rendering it ineffective then most of the heat will literally transition into the attic during the winter months or allow heat into the home during the summer months.

Energy rebates are currently available for all new heating and air conditioning systems from local electric and gas companies making this wise choice even more pleasant. Bottom line is I know energy conservation and can save you lots of money in the years to come!!! Call (201) 530 -5285 or (732) 600-0229 for a free inspection to find out how we can save you money! We are a licensed business in the state of NJ # 13VH04252700 and fully insured!


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